Nov 15

3 Alternative Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving

pomegranate and lemon smoothieIf you are craving a change in tradition rather than just a slice of pie this holiday season then here are 3 great ways to keep Turkey day fun and exciting!

  1. Host a cocktail party! Instead of setting the table with plates of food, invite a mixologist into your home. This holiday is always centered around a bountiful buffet, so making it more beverage-centric will add some fun.You can still keep the drinks festive and fall themed using seasonal flavors such as: cinnamon, nutmeg and cranberry.
  2. Eat your dinner outside! Instead of being cramped inside a house filled with family members, you can enjoy your meal outside by packing a picnic and visiting a local park. After you are done stuffing your face you can set up some activities or sport related games such as: soccer, volleyball or tennis.
  3. Order take-out! Don’t be ashamed if you find yourself lacking in enthusiasm to cook for Thanksgiving Day. Preparing a 9-course meal can be rather exhausting and unbearable. Take this year off and relax by ordering take out at a local restaurant. It’s unlikely that there will be a lot of options available but ordering the night before can help. Grocery stores such as Whole Foods also offer a Thanksgiving menu that can be a great resource. Enjoy watching movies in your pajamas and feasting on your prepared meal.



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