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  3. Top Five Reasons to Visit Estes Park for Thanksgiving — November 8, 2016
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5 Coloring Pages to Add Some Fun to Your Kids’ Thanksgiving Break

Add some fun to this year’s Thanksgiving break with these fun & festive coloring pages. 1. Happy Thanksgiving 2. Native Americans 3. Fall Garden 4. Pumpkin Pattern 5. Turkey  

Thanksgiving Cardboard Craft Project

This cute craft project is fun to make and only requires a few inexpensive supplies.  The kids will love making these adorable decorations for Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving Cardboard Craft Project – Native American and Pilgrim Decorations What you’ll need: 2 empty toilet paper rolls Construction paper in different colors, including, black, white, yellow, tan/skin colored, and peach …

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Top Five Reasons to Visit Estes Park for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day became a national holiday in 1863 when Civil War President Abraham Lincoln tried to unite the nation by proclaiming it as such. It is now officially celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Thanksgiving is a time to be with family, remember what the important things in life are, show gratitude for what …

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Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade – Charter To NYC’s Biggest Event

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade has been a staple each year since 1924. Although it started as a way to get people excited about the store and the first parade was actually at Christmas rather than Thanksgiving, whatever they did worked as today over 3.5 million attend annually and another 50 million watch from the comfort …

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The First Thanksgiving in Cape Cod – A Bit of Thanksgiving History

A Cape Cod Thanksgiving brings about a certain nostalgia. As you and your family get ready to feast on turkey and more, take a moment to think back on what the first Thanksgiving might have been like. On Cape Cod, the first Thanksgiving feast could have happened mere miles away, right in Plymouth, MA. Facts …

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Let’s Talk Turkey

Roasting the perfect holiday bird isn’t always as easy as we’d like. Fortunately, with the right tools and pro tips, you’ll be well on your way to seasoning and stuffing a turkey worthy of showing off on social media. Here, Chef Shahir Massoud, spokesperson for Butterball and Kimberly Mann, national training manager at GE Appliances, …

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Pear and Cranberry Tart

Sweet treats to finish the feast A sweet ending to a great meal makes a Thanksgiving feast even more memorable. Fresh local pears are in season throughout Canada during the fall and are available at your local Walmart Supercentre, making them a tasty and budget-friendly option for desserts. Tart, dried cranberries complement sweet pears, and …

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Thanksgiving Isn’t Complete Without a Pumpkin Pie

Canadians love their pumpkin pie. In fact, more than half feel a Thanksgiving meal isn’t complete until pumpkin pie is on the table. In addition, more than three quarters of those who think they won’t enjoy a slice say they’d re-try it if a friend made it for them. These facts combined make it clear …

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How to Make a Traditional Puerto Rican Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Even though Thanksgiving was not always a traditional holiday on the island, many Puerto Rican families calling the States home began celebrating it by adding a touch of Sabor Latino. A traditional Puerto Rican Thanksgiving menu will likely consist of Pavochon, Mofongo stuffing, Arroz con Gandules (rice with pigeon peas), Tostones, and Tembleque or dulce …

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How to Host a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be a daunting task for any seasoned chef. But with a few simple planning techniques and the right amount of help, you’ll focus less on the details and more on enjoying the process and a tasty outcome. Here are five easy ways to make sure your Thanksgiving dinner goes off without …

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