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Sausage Stuffing Recipe Ideas – Making Your Favorite

Homemade Thanksgiving Stuffing

Homemade Thanksgiving Stuffing

One of the classic side dishes for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner is sausage stuffing. Do you have a favorite sausage stuffing recipe? Most people do, but do you know anything about stuffing as a historical tradition? Let’s take a quick look.

Gobbling Up History

A look through historical cookbooks reveals a variety of stuffing recipes that the even the ancient Romans enjoyed, including a pork stuffing that might have been quite similar to a modern sausage stuffing recipe. Pretty amazing! Originally this edible was named “farce”. It wasn’t until the Victorian Era that the words stuffing and dressing moved into the everyday English vocabulary.

Essential Stuffing Tips

Before trying your hand at making your own sausage stuffing recipe, there are some helps and hints that will insure your stuffing comes out perfect every time.

o First, you want to make about 3/4 cup of stuffing per-person. If you’re having several removes for dinner, you can make less but stuffing freezes really well so extra can be preserved for future cravings.

o From a health perspective it’s good to cook your stuffing separate from the bird. Putting it in the turkey’s cavity too soon or leaving it in too long after cooking can lead to food poisoning.

o If you want your stuffing to be rich with flavor mix it up the night before and let it sit in the refrigerator until you’re ready to cook

o Cook your stuffing to just 160 degrees (any higher and it will dry out).

Fruited Sausage Stuffing Recipe

This is a lovely stuffing that’s playful and gives you a lot of wiggle room for personal tweaking (cooking is alchemy – it’s OK to play with your food).


1 lb of sweet Italian sausage
3 crispy apples, diced
3 stalks of celery, chopped
1 large red onion, diced
3 cloves garlic, diced
1 tsp each onion and garlic powder
Pinch of sugar
1 14 oz bag miniature herb croutons
2 cups chicken broth
1 cup dried cherries
1/2 cup chopped walnuts

Directions: Begin by frying up the sausage and draining the fat off completely. Crumble the sausage when it cools. Next, gently sauté the apples, celery and onions in olive oil or butter (your choice).

Put the croutons in a large mixing bowl. Slowly pour in the chicken broth until the bread is moist. If you don’t have enough stock, water or a little white wine will do. Add the sautéed items along with the cherries and nuts. Mix well.

Pour the stuffing into an oiled oven dish baking at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Potential Alternatives: If you like spicy, try using a Cajun style sausage. Finely minced pineapple pieces can be used in place of the cherries. You can also try vegetable stock instead of chicken for moistening. Some people like to add a little extra butter to the frying process (this gets added to the stuffing for moisture and flavor). Finally eliminate the cherries and use a loaf of cheese bread for the base instead of croutons.


Got a turkey waiting to be stuffed? I’ve got an entire page dedicated to Sausage Stuffing Recipes.

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