Nov 15

Thanksgiving Table Set-Up Ideas

So you’ve spent your whole morning, or even the night before, prepping and cooking a delicious meal for your family. The turkey is displayed on a beautiful tray garnished with microgreens and stuffing. You have side dishes upon side dishes of colorful fruits and vegetables all laid out beside you. It almost feels like the feast is ready to commence… However, all of this beautiful, well-organized food deserves a table layout to match. This year add to the atmosphere with a setup that matches the quality of your dinner!


This setup from Martha Stewart is great for minimalist who like to host buffet-style dinners.

  • Keep things simple with clean colors such as black and white. Let your food add the color to your setup. (After all it is mostly about the food.)
  • Creating a simple banner to hang above is another great way to add to the festive decor. Phrases such as “Give Thanks” or “Be Thankful” are great sayings to hang over your food.
  • Sometimes we don’t have the space we need or want to successfully host our Thanksgiving meal but decorating a small shelving unit is a great way to transform your everyday furniture into an elegant table.

Table_MS2Sometimes a little color can never hurt, especially in those autumn tones. This table from The Tuscan Home is for those who want to embrace the fall season head on.

  • Keep your table clutter free with just a small, fall festive table runner racing down the middle. This will keep the attention of your guests to where it counts- the food.
  • Pick some autumn colors such as: maroon, red, yellow, orange and brown and stick with them. Color coordinating will help ease the eyes of your guests. Stay away from distracting patterns.
  • Embellish your table with some greenery! Getting simple plants with leaves and adding it as your centerpiece can help pull everything together. Be bold and add some of your favorite pumpkins from the pumpkin patch! Squashes and pears also make great additions.

Table_MS3This table from Happiness is Homemade is for the little ones who will be attending Thanksgiving this year!

  • Attract the children’s attention with bright oranges and vibrant reds. Incorporating these colors into your silverware and dishware will make the table look more cohesive.
  • Keep the children entertained! Sometimes sitting through a meal can be really hard on a kid so ensure that they always have something to do. Paper Turkey hats or print out coloring sheets are great things to place on each child’s seat.
  • Have a fun and durable centerpiece.




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