Oct 02

Top 3 Thanksgiving Hosting Tips

thanksgiving-hosting-tipsWhether it’s your first or twentieth time hosting loved ones for Thanksgiving, everyone can use some extra advice on making the event super special and delicious. Don’t fret and get on track easily with these three hosting tips for both traditional and modern décor schemes:

1. Welcome guests with sights and scents that please.

Before guests arrive, have pumpkin pie baking in the oven so that the scents of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger greet them. You can find an easy pumpkin pie and other Thanksgiving recipes online at carnationmilk.ca. You can also decorate your walkway, front door, or foyer with Thanksgiving-themed accents. Doing this will make guests feel at home quickly and spark conversations.

Traditional: Place a wreath in fall colours on your front door and decorate your front steps or foyer with ornamental corn or mini orange pumpkins.

Modern: For a funkier vibe, embrace a different colour scheme, like white, grey, and silver. This neutralizes the tone of your décor, while maintaining a fall feel. Paint mini pumpkins white with silver stems, or put a birch wreath on your door instead of an orange one.

2. Ensure your table has the basics covered.

In the weeks leading up to the main event, count up all your dishes, mugs, and cutlery to ensure you have enough for everyone. Don’t forget often-overlooked items like a pie slicer, a carving knife, and a gravy boat. Next, plan your table’s theme to feel Thanksgiving-appropriate.

Traditional: Tie straw strings around the necks of mason jars, looping them into a bow. Arrange them down the centre of the table and fill them with sprigs from maple trees with the orange, red, and yellow leaves still on.

Modern: Pick up some ornamental corn (dried husks on), trim the husks to your liking, and spray paint the cobs silver. Lay one at the top of everyone’s place — you can even write their name on the husk for a personal touch.

3. Plan for your littlest visitors.

If children are going to be in attendance, plan something specifically for them. Both kids and their parents will appreciate your efforts.

Traditional: Greet your youngest arrivals at the door with a Thanksgiving-themed colouring book and crayons.

Modern: Set up an easy-to-reach dessert station with paper plates, sprinkles, whipped cream, and pumpkin pie tarts — you can put tarts in the oven before guests arrive. Encourage kids to decorate the tarts to their liking and even serve them to others.


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